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Come and join our Dover First Seventh-day Adventist Church family!
Why the Seventh-day

Seventh Day Adventists believe that, just as God rested on the seventh day--Saturday--so should we! Time with God, family, and community is so important, and Sabbath is a special time where we meet in God's house, and praise Him as a family.

Why Dover First
SDA Church?

There are so many church communities in Delaware, but we hope you consider finding a home here at Dover First SDA Church! Our church and school are active all week long, and love coming together to worship on Sabbath, too. Our church family is an all-ages, diverse community--just waiting for you to call our church "home!"

Why Not

Just as Jesus came to tell us of God's love, we want to go tell the world! So stop by the church. Bring your family. Give our pastor a call! Whatever is stopping you, leave it behind, and "come just as you are!"

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Do you have a concern you would like us to join you in prayer for?

If you need prayer, please call 512.970.1843 and leave a message and someone will contact you to pray with you. Or you may email your request here and our prayer warriors will pray for you.

647 Wyoming Ave
Dover, DE 19904