Dover First Christian School
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Now Enrolling Pre-K Through 8th Grade
Our Philosophy

To empower students with:

  • A set of moral values through a deep understanding and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. (These values include a selfless attitude, uncompromising integrity, honesty in all things, and dependence upon God.)

  • A skillset that allows for competition in the global marketplace, success in higher educational endeavors, and prepares one for a life of Christ-like service.

  • An enquiring and discriminating mind that allows one to pursue knowledge with a certain personal expectation of success.

  • A tolerance and respect for others which creates the partnership that exists between the home and teachers so that we can integrate the community and the part it plays in realizing this vision.
Our Mission
Shining for Jesus. Lighting the Way!
Tuition & Financial Aid
Our goal is that money will not stand in the way for any qualified families. Dover First Christian School has a robust need-based scholarship program to assist families who demonstrate a financial need through the Smart Tuition Financial Assessment Process. Smart Tuition is a confidential, online, 3rd party vendor whose goal is to assist in determining financial need for our current and new families. Let us explore how we can work together to welcome your family into the Dover First Christian School community.
Faculty & Staff

Chelsea Calhoun

Principal & Teacher

Chelsea Calhoun is originally from Maryland, and graduated from Highland View Academy. She then earned her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, TN. Her experience includes Kindergarten and 1st grade. Since coming to DFCS in 2019, Mrs. Calhoun has taught Pre-K through 3rd grade. As a teacher, Mrs. Calhoun enjoys including STEM learning into the curriculum to provide hands-on learning in the classroom. As a principal, Mrs. Calhoun hopes to build a strong connection between home and school.

Tammy Charles


Tammy Charles is originally from Hampton, VA. Tammy was born into the Adventist Church and is a product of Adventist Education. She has taught for 28 years in all grades from Kindergarten to grade 8. Giving her students a solid academic education is a most important goal, as is helping them to develop a healthy self-esteem while also guiding them to cultivate that very important relationship with Jesus. As a teacher, she feels privileged, yet humbled, to play such a significant role in the lives of which God has entrusted her through Adventist Education.

Dina Parker


Dina Parker has over 30 years of Pre-Kindergarten experience. This experience includes her work as a teacher, classroom aid, classroom coordinator, playground supervisor, as well as other roles which make her an important part of our early childhood program. Part of Mrs. Parker’s education career included her time in Nicaragua. There she was a teacher, as well as the home and school coordinator who planned social events, which she continues to do for DFCS! Mrs. Parker has a hands-on approach to learning, which helps to prepare students for the years to come.

Apply Now!

Request A Free Educational Success Consultation

As part of our commitment to the educational ministry of Dover First Christian School, we have added an important component to our Admissions process: the educational success consultation with our Principal, Chelsea Calhoun. An educational success consultation is designed to actively engage and support parents in making wise educational decisions for their children. Each and every parent inquiry begins with a scheduled educational success consultation.

Whether the parents have made the decision to choose Dover First Christian School or they are still considering their options, this consultation will focus on parent’s aspirations and goals for their child, academic preparation, planning for future choices, faith and Christian leadership development. This will also help the school in numerous ways, should they choose Dover First Christian School, to better serve their child. Both parents are encouraged to attend the consultation.

Phone: (302) 526-4998 | Fax: (302) 672-0130
655 Wyoming Ave Dover, DE 19904

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